Plants and their meaning in peoples life



Houseplants bring the garden into the home, and they are usually easy to grow.But how many people do you know who say: “ I’m simply hopeless with houseplants”?Perhaps you’ve said it yourself?But don’t despair1!The most common cause2 of plant distress3 is water: too little and they die, to much and they drown4. The secret is to get the water balance just right. This is not complicated. The most important thing is to stand the houseplant in a very shallow5 dish. Pour water into the dish. The plant will take up as much water as it needs. If the water sucks in the dish empty, add more. If the water sits in the dish for more than an hour – tip it away. The plant has had enough. Wait a few days before adding more water to the dish, and see if the plant sucked it up. That’s all there is to it. Tomorrow we will take a look at feeding6 houseplants.

1. Despair – neviltis, nusivylimas.2. Cause –priezastis, pagrindas.3. Distress – vargas, kancia, sielvartas; beda, nelaime, pavojus.4. Drown – skesti, skandinti; paskesti, prigerti.5. Shallow – seklus, negilus; lekstas, tuscias.6. Feeding – tiekias, paduodas; stiprejantis.