Pets, individual talk

Then I walk through the street I see a lot of people walking with pets. I can see a smile in their faces, it shows that they are happy having pets. Most of my friends have pets. They love them and take care of them. The most popular are dogs and cats, because they are intelligence, pleasure and good human’s friends. Some people take care of wild animals for example: snakes, monkeys, tortoises and other. But wild animal are different. Like snake and tortoise, snakes could poison dig you, but tortoise could just poop on carpet or excavate your flowers leaf. Most people are caring of their pets. They give them better food, go for a walk, and buy some medicine if they are sick. But not everyone loves them. Some people can’t stand pets. They don’t give food, hurt their tender bodies. On my mind if people decided to take care of any pet, they must love and like them. It is very important for human and pet’s relationships.