Personal letter writting

Personal letter writing

1. Išdėstymas:

Kaip paprasto laisko.

2. adress writing:

iš lietuvos:




( lithuania ) jei i užsienį

Iš užsienio:

14-115 Park Road


BS 2446

Nowember 10th 2004

3. kreipimasis:

Dear Tom ,

4. Intoduction ( išsireiškimai pradžiai ) :

Thank you so much for your long and charming letter.
How nice it was to hear from you at lost.
I‘m pleased to hear that you are well.
I‘m sorry I haven‘t written for such a long time. I‘ve been so busy.
Forgive me for not writing you earlier.
I’m sorry it has taken my so long to replay to your last letter.
I haven’t heeard from you so long time.
I’m writing to ask for your advice on a small problem I’ve got.
Thanks for inviting me to .
I’d like to invite you .
I’m really shocked by your suggestions.

5.Conclusion :

I hope you will answer.
Please write me soon.
I do hope you will be able to write me soon.
Please drop me a line.
I would so loved to see you again ( to hear from you again )
All the best to you and your kind family.

5. Love

Bye for now

Best wishes


6. Stilius – šnekamasis

I am – I’m
I will – I’ll

7. Frazeologizmai :

To honest – atvirai tariant
Pull your self together – tvardykis
A false alarm – pletkai
To be fit to be tied – nors pasikark
To mean well – turėti omeny
To burn the midnight oil – sunkiai mokytis, net naktimis
To burn the candle at bo

oth ends – suderinti du rimtus dalykus ( mokslas ir pramogos )
To be in seven heaven – džiaugsmas
To have a sharp tongue – aštrialiežuvis
As busy as a bee – darbštus kaip bitė
A rolling stone – nepastovus, permainingas žmogus
A faer with friends –
To give someone the cold shoulder – ignoruoti
A flying visit – paviršutiniškas vizitas, kelione
Everything is good in its season – viskam savas laikas
No pain, no gain – be darbo nėra rezultatų
Good health is above wealth – sveikata brangesnė už turtą
Live and learn – gyveni ir mokaisi
Lost time is never found again – laiko nesugražinsi

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