Personal Identification

Personal identification

The word “family” is asocial with warm tender relations between members of the family. As to me, my relations with parents, good. I know, that thousands of young people run away from their homes each year, because they don’t get on with their parents well. I think that it is very important that children should live with their family till they won’t make there’s family.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of living with family. But I talk about some of f them. First of all I think it is very important that you always could talk with your parents. For example I can talk with my mother about everything, because she is young too. And she knows my problems as well as her own. Mother always gives me necessary, correct advice. Many parents are busy, but my parents help me at any time. The other thing, which is very important while you live with parents it, is that you could fe eel protected. And the last thing about which I speak is that you needn’t worry about the flat and food. Parents will take care of it. Now I talk about some disadvantages. First you can’t go out without permission and th

he other thing that you can’t organise a party. We are young people and sometimes we want go somewhere or organise a party but every time we must to said to our parents where we go and with whom.

When my parents were my age, they were more independent than we. For example my mum has left her house when she was 17 years old, and she live alone in the city, because in there family were a lot of children. There she works and study. Nowadays children very severe. There are different opinions on how children should be treated if they disobey their parents, break the rules, do forbidden things, and don’t keep their words or promises. Some people think that pa arents should be patient, kind and understanding. The rules and children’s behaviours are discussed in such families. But others believe that children ought always to obey the parents and if they won’t they should be punished. But I think that such principles won’t do a lot of good. Fear and punishment will lead to selfishness, cruelty and lies. But “love and kindness will save the world”.

It is very important when there is understanding among people in the family, such relations be

ecame possible when people in the family do many things tougher tell joys survive troubles and living friendly. Loving people gives you felling of happiness. My mother is a very kind woman she always help me and my sister to decide our problems. My father is kind too but some times he is strict. But I most of all like my sister’s character, we are there friendly because we alike. I and me sister always understand each other. My family helps me to live and to understand the world around me. And I very thank my parents.

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