people feel under presure about all sorts of things

People feel under pressure about all sorts of things. Firstly, life pace increased a lot nowadays, and many feel worried about how to do everything in time. Because of huge workloads, employees as well as schoolchildren often have late nights and do not rest enough. Absence of relaxation often brings on anxiety. Secondly, people tend to be dissatisfied due to the boredom. The best way to overcome stress is to avoid being stuck in routine. Unfortunately it is almost impossible; ot therwise depression would be much scarcer. Finally, not only teenagers feel peer pressure. Advertising companies do everything to make people worry about how to look like, what to drink and where to go. If people would not care about the public opinion, they could cope with the stress much easier. To conclude, stress is not only a bad thing, because you have to experience the downs to appreciate the good bits.

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