1. The approaching of the state examinations is one of the most important and exciting moments in every student’s life. Our future studies and life will depend on the results of the exams. Firstly it’s a perfect chance to enter the university and study the speciality you have chosen. It’s a great pleasure to be involved in studies you really like. Secondly, knowledge gained at the university can predetermine future life and carrier, what is really very important. All in all one can hardly imagine life full of value in the society one lives in. Finally examinations is the beginning of all mentioned.

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2. What a lot of patience parents must have. To my mind parents all over the world have problems with their children. Firstly the beginning of bringing up a child is quite difficult with their various demands, questions and curiosity. Secondly, the most dangerous and complicated age is from fourteen till eighteen. Teenagers usually are eager to experience a great variety of things that are as a rule prohibited. Thirdly it is very hard for parents to explain their children what is good and what is bad. In conclusion parents should be very patient to bring up their children polite, intelligent and well – prepared for the future life.

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3. Joining the Europe Union is the question of vital importance for Lithuania. In my opinion it will be very difficult for our country to integrate in to European society. On the one hand this integration will be a perfect possibility to communicate with people in other European countries and take part in different exchange programmes in studies, tourism work, sports etc. On the other hand life will not be so easy at the very beginning. Lithuania isn’t such a rich country to achieve the level of the development in science, agriculture, teaching and so on. Furthermore ours society will have to overcome a lot of difficulties in order to become a real number of the union.

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4. Television programmes are often filled with low – quality programmes. Watching television has become one of the most popular activities for most families. But not every person is pleased with the programmes our T.V. shows today. First of all a great number of programmes are really of very low – quality as we lack professional producers and journalists. Our T.V. programmes are full of violence and sex. In addition, soap operas are shown on all Lithuanian channels all afternoon. They are too primitive and dull. All in all television is a good master, but a person have to choose the right programmes that could help him to improve knowledge and widen outlook.

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