Pamela Denise Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson was born in 1967 in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada, in the anniversary of Canada. She was the first baby born this day in Canada earning her the title “The Centennial Baby”. The Andersons received cash prizes and awards for having the first baby born in Canada on this day, Canada’s 100th Birthday. Shortly after that, her family moved to British Columbia. While Pamela was sitting in a library listening to a story with about one hundred other children when a photographer took a picture of her, which was quickly placed, in all the libraries in British Columbia. Pamela’s teen years weren’t anything out of the ordinary, She excelled in vitally every sport she played, but her favourite sport was Volleyball while being not interest in movies, television or music although she loved to play sax in the school band and with friends.In 1988, Pamela moved to Vancouver to feel the life in the big city. She started working as a fitness instructor when her direction in life changed. It was the summer of 1989 when she was invited to see a Football match. One of her friends was a representative for Labatt’s beer breweries. A cameraman found Pamela in the crowd and put her image on the big screen, having a great appreciation between the places. Obviously she suddenly began modelling for Labatt’s as the “Blue Girl” A freelance photographer based out of Vancouver took a few pictures of Pamela sent them to Playboy, which liked what they saw and in October of 1989, Pamela did a cover for Playboy, and obviously this increased enormously her popularity; she had small parts on some TV show. David Hasslehoff saw one of this often, and when he saw Pamela, he decided to convince her to join his “Bay watch”. Pamela has starred in several other roles outside of Bay watch including “The Taking of Beverly Hills”, “Snapdragon”,” Raw Justice”, “Mike Hammer”, “Velda”. In 1995 she met the man destinated to be her husband: Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee. During the party where they met, he came right up to her and licked her face! After four days of courting and endless parties, the two were married on a beach. Pamela wearing a white bikini and Tommy wearing a set of shorts, and they soon had two babies.

Unfortunately their relation came soon in troubles because of Tommy violent behaviour, and they divorced after a great struggle.