Naomi Campbel

Naomi Campbell

Naomi was the first black model to appear on the covers of Time Magazine, as well as French and British Vogue. She appeared with Michael Jackson in his song video “In the Closet” directed by photographer Herb Ritts. She has appeared in several films including Spike Lee’s “Girl 6.”
She has been considered the leading super model since she was a teenager, and still demands the top billing. Her love affairs always get her in the news. However, she is ac ctive in charitable affairs, which do not always get in the news. She gave the proceeds of her book “Naomi” to the Red Cross Somalia Relief Fund and supports initiatives for underprivileged children.
In 2001 the British newspaper Daily Mirror published pictures of Naomi attending a Narcotics Anymous meeting, and gave details of her treatment. She sued them and in May 2004 after 3 years, the Supreme Court ruled in her favour that her privacy had been violated and the Daily Mirror had to o pay one million pounds costs.
Naomi was selected to carry the torch at the Olympics in Athens, Greece in August 2004. A picture of her triumphant entry into the stadium is shown on the right.

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