My Summer

I like summer as a season, but I hate it as a period of time. I get up and hear the birds singing reminding me to mow the lawn. I get down the stairs and see green vegetables reminding me to mow the lawn and then I go out and see nine ares of grass that must be mowed. And the whole story continues every week for the whole summer. That actually isn’t so bad after all because I have soomething to rest from during the some months of autumn, spring and winter.
Summer for me some how associates with Palanga. Maybe because it is the only generally available health-resort in our neighborhood. Or maybe we got used to going to Palanga every summer from our childhood.
In my humble opinion people should not just lie in their beds and say, “I’m having my rest” during their holidays. The best way to have a good rest is to do whatever you moost like I mean to dedicate your holidays to your hobby.

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