My room

My room.
We live in a new flat in one of the residential areas of our city. It is a three-room flat of a typical block of flats with a lift and rubbish chute. Our flat is on the fifth floor. As you enter our flat, you find yourself in a small entrance-hall, and from there you can go to the rooms: the living-room, my parent’s bedroom and my room. I use my room as a study and a bedroom. My ro

oom is a very comfortable one. It has its advantages, though it is the smallest room in our flat. The only window in my room faces the green park, which is situated near our house. It is so nice to look out of the window in a bright sunny day! The view is really wonderful. The walls of my room are papered in a design of gray and silver strips and the curtains on the window match the wallpaper perfectly. Th
he built-in furniture doesn’t take much space in it. There is a writing table with a reading-lamp on it. I always keep there my notes, text-books, pens and pencils, felt-pens, biros, refills, pencil-case, pencil sharpeners, booklets, posters, pads, newspapers, magazines an
nd other necessary knik-knacks, as my parents used to say. There is a built-in wardrobe in the right-hand corner of the room with coat-hangers to hang clothes on. Opposite the wardrobe there is a bookcase full of books, journals and newspapers. Near the writing-table there is a standard lamp with a pink silk shade. On the little table there is a stereo cassette recorder. You see, I am fond of music and often enjoy listening to the lovely melody. My divan-bed stands near the standard lamp. There are two water colours and my portrait on the wall above the divan-bed. The floor in my room is covered with a thick carpet. Besides, I grow a lot of flowers in my ro
ooms. You can see them everywhere: on the window-sill, on the bookcase, on the little table, on the walls. I take care of the flowers and water them regularly. To cut the long story short, I should admit that my room is very attractive and I like it very much.