My individual talk

To begin with, I’m going to speak about myself. It is not a secret that everyone wants to have an easy and interesting job and at the same time to earn much money. Well if talking about money, I would say that money don’t play very big role in my life, so I think I would prefer to earn less money, but to have an interesting job. In my opinion, you shouldn’t choose your profession without considering your talents and character. As for me, I would like to work as a journalist in a newspaper or something… That’s because I love writing very much. I would like to write articles for newspapers or magazines and so on. Next think I’m going to speak about is advantages and disadvantages of family business. Firstly, one of the biggest advantages is that you can have well-paid job and you don’t even need to search it. Secondly, you are making money for your own family and I would say that’s very good. But on the other hand, you may not have a freedom of choices what job you should choose. You just have work in family business because your parent wants you to do it.

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