My ideal house should be as follows.

My ideal house should be as follows. Firstly, the location is very important to me. My house should be inner-city, because I like to hear the sound of the crowded streets. Living in the heart of the city is also very convenient, as one can easily reach all the important objects on foot. Secondly, the house should be very modern. It should be red-walled and contain a lot of glass. Bay windows are marvelous to my mind, because I admire li ight and spacious buildings. Moreover, I dream of a house with an incorporated centralized computer management system. A house, whish can take care of itself is amazing as I have always hated household chores. Needless to say, warm floor and hot coffee in the morning, made by the house, seem like a dream. To put it briefly, the house itself is not as much important, as the person who I would live with.

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