My Home

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I live with my parents in a five room detached house. Our house is located in a calm part of Kaunas near the Oak Park and Zoo, very far from the street. We also have a big garden, which is especially nice in the spring and summer, when everything becomes green.

You can enter our house through the main door to the hole or through the back yard directly to the living room. Our house is spacious and practical. In the fiirst flour there are just kitchen and living room. We have only a few most important pieces of furniture. In the living room you could find just a big black sofa, a small table made of glass and a TV. The wall are painted cream color and decorated with many paintings. This makes my home cozy and inviting. Wooden stairs lead you from the hole to second flour, where you could find three bedrooms.

As you enter my room, first thing yoou notice is a

. . .

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