my dream house

My Dream House

The topic of my talk is my dream house. As an introduction to my talk I want to say that I feel fine in our house, but everyone wants to live better, I think.

Firstly, I’d like to tell you about lifestyle of living in a city and living in a country. The townies are more private people than the villager. Often the peoples, who live in the city, know their neighbours just by sight. The living in a ciity is good, because there is a good service, many workplaces. In a city there are many positions to spend leisure. I want to live far away from a city noise and polluted air, so the city is the malodorous living place for me. In the country the people are outgoing and they know each other. Furthermore there is much space and a nice nature. But I don’t want to live in a small country, because there is a service baad, there’s no nightlife. I think, that a suburb is the best living place for me, because it’s a compromise between living in a city and living in the country.

Secondly, I’ d like to tell you about the surrounding of my

y premise. I’d like to live near by the river or the lake. The neighbourhood is important part of the living place, so I want, that my neighbours would be outgoing, good- tempered and cooperative persons.
Thirdly, I’d like to tell you, how my house will look. I’d like to live in a two – stored wooden detached house, because there would be much space. I think it’s enough to have two bedrooms, a nursery, a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen, a study and a sitting- room. I want to have and an athletic room, because I like sports and a bathhouse. In my house would be ancient furniture. In a sitting- room the walls and the floor would be wooden. I want to have a fireplace there. In my opinion, it would give cosiness. There I ‘d like to see a television, a bookcase, a sofa and a coffee table. The windows would be curtained. I don’t like crowded rooms, so in my house there wouldn’t be a lot of furniture. I think that everything look wonderful if the house is tidy.
Fourthly, I’d like to tell you about one of the advantages of a detached- house. It’s environment. I li
ike plants, so there would be many plants in my premise. It would be paled with hedge. There would be a plain gate. I can’t imagine my environment without a lawn and the flower- beds. I like to be out, so I want to have a wooden table and the seats in my yard. I want to have a little kitchen garden and a little orchard, paled with a wooden fence.
Finally, I’d like to tell you about the maintenance of my house. I think that house maintenance costs less than a flat maintenance, because in a house there are fewer amenities for which we must to pay than in the flat. It’ s electricity and cold water. The heating isn’t central, so we must to pay just for a firing. Well, the maintenance of my house will cost about 350 litas per month.
I’d like to finish by saying that if you want to have your dream house, you must work hard and have enough money to realise your dreams. I hope I have my dream house maybe it won’t be such as I want, but I would be very happy to have a home although of one’s own.

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