My dream house

“My Dream House” For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this dream about a house – a great house it is. I’ve had this dream anywhere between once a month and once every several months, but I’ve dreamt of this house for many, many years. To get to this house, you pass a pizza parlor and a movie theater, and the movie theater is a lot of fun, I’ve visited it before in my dream. The road is isolated and long, and eventually, you reach a dirt road that runs alongside a beautiful mountain, and in the middle of that dirt road is a huge tree. Whenever I travel up to this dream house, the passenger in the passenger seat is a man I love. I never see this man, I only know that the love I have for this man is real and strong – so real and strong I feel it in my dream. We always drive to it in a big truck. Upon reaching the house, I can see that it’s an old white farm house, beautiful, but big and old – two, maybe three stories tall. I’ve only visited certain rooms in the house. The kitchen is grand and beautiful. It has swinging bar doors to enter it, but that’s all I’ve seen and can remember.

I have a daughter in this dream. She’s beautiful. Her room is completely white. I visited her once. She has thick long black hair, just like me, and she’s just extremely beautiful, and I love her dearly. She’s afraid however, of a black bird that perches outside her window on occasion. Even I can feel her fear. But I remember her room is all white. In this house my room is gorgeous. It’s huge, and it’s got a large canopy bed. The sheets and blankets are white. The dresser is huge and white as well. The bathroom is huge and has a lovely tub in it. The cool part about my room is the closet. In the back of the closet is a secret door. You can enter this door and climb a few stairs to the attic, but the door is hidden, so it’s a secret attic. In the attic are lots of boxes full of dusty old toys.

I remember once in a dream something evil was in the house, so we all hid in the secret attic, and it was OK after that. The attic room is triangular shaped, and huge and dusty. Just recently I looked out at my backyard for my first time. There’s a perfect view of the mountains, and the mountains are snow covered. I have a lot of land. I think I might have animals as well. That’s all I can remember.

Here’s the weird thing. Always, whenever I visit this house in my dreams, I am at complete peace. I wake up peacefully and have a pretty easy-going day. My mood is great, my spirits are high.

But as of late, I’ve been sensing death in this house. I’ve been dreaming a lot about the house, more than ever before. I’ve had my house dream this past week a total of four times. . But I can’t remember what’s happening in these dreams, I just know that it has to do with the house, and I could sense death. I do remember my dream daughter had died, and I was very sad. Even throughout the day I was troubled, though I couldn’t remember all the details of the dream. But ever since that dream – which I had a week ago – I’ve visited the house and had this awful, dreadful sense of death. I remember in my dream last night driving up the road to the house by myself and though the mountains were still beautiful, I just sensed all sorts of death.

I wonder why, after all the years of my dream being so beautiful, and leaving me with a sense of comfort, and brightening my waking hours, why is the dream now dreadful, leaving me with a sense of death in the house, and leaving me troubled throughout my day?