In our work we will do various types of location measurements the strategy plan for the service company, which provides people who needs good and with high quality accurate measurement service and consultations.

Our business objectives are:

1) We are going to develop various location measurements.2) We are going carry forward country.

It is very important thing to plan the cost of business during coming half of the year, because we have to know what sum do we need to start and to run our business. Our firm is new and small, but we thin that the action plan is needed for every company, because it provides guidelines and provides information for every worker: where we are going, what we are doing and what we a reaching for…

Services:o Measurements of sideso Engineering projects o Cadastre documentation

So we decided to help:• people who want to know the plot of the side • people who want to register buildings• people who have ideas of buildings projects, but do not know how to embody them.



Slogan If you need quick, cadastre documentation, engineering projects,measurements of sides all answers you can find – GIS DARBAI


Simply in our organization will be GENERAL MANAGER, the worker which will be responsible for documentation and accounting, and last 3 or 4 will provide service to our customers, who are responsible of GIS works quality. So there will be simple structure:GENERAL MANAGER, 3 or 4 MANAGERS – CONSULTANTS, INGINERE –RESPONSIBLE OF PROJECTSMy company decompound which spread in all Lithuania in bigger city’s: Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Klaipėda. Central seat are in Kaunas Communication: Address – Kaunas, Laisvės alėja 5Email – gis@darbai.comPage – gis.darbai.ltTel. – 860202020Future plan: In future me company will be bigger, induct new high quality specialists, reach collaborate with anther country company’s. Reach lodgment not only in Lithuanian, but and in Europe.

Summary A lot of Lithuanian people are built houses so they need specialists’ help. In this company we do everything to help people with building projects. We work hard and we’re responsible. There are a large number of constructional works’ dealerships in all are Lithuania of the proposed location. We will reach lodgment not only in Lithuanian, but and in Europe.