My community services

Services of my community

Police in our community is the most important service. First, it assures crime prevention-makes our city a safer place to live. Second, the Police departments perform other duties:
• Investigating complaints,
• Arresting criminals,
• Recovering stolen property,
• Regulating traffic.
And they do everything by law and order. I think just in partnership with other community services, like fire department, hospitals, and us-people police could maintain a safer life in our community.

Hospitals are important also. As I mentioned before, there is communication between se everal services in our city. The main thing for hospitals is to provide a health care to everyone. No matter what age or social class they are, when it comes to health solving problems. Every community has a local health service department in our city-policlinics. You can find all different kinds of doctors there, and it is free, for people, who work and pay taxes, or students, like us. In case of emergency we call ambulance.

Money was every important th hing all the time. No exception nowadays. Banks play a major role in countries economy system. We can safe money; we can get a credit, pay the bills or just keep what we have there. Lithuania ad a bad experience wi

ith banks 10 years ago, so people don’t seem trusting banks too much still. On the other hand you can get a credit at the bank foe your car or a house like in strong economy countries. Also they help us travel safe carrying just a credit card with us or give opportunity to exchange money.

Post office is important to people, because it helps to reach anyone around the world. And it is more just a mail service. People can pay their bills at post office branches. You can also get a greeting cards or order magazines or newspapers there. Post service helps us to communicate. Letters, parcels, express service, airmail it just depend on time and money you can spend.

Petrol st tation is just for people who drive a car. Gasoline is not important thing for people who take a bus or trolleybus to get somewhere in our city. But now petrol stations offer people and other services. It is like little store in every station with a food and drinks, magazines or things for the car.

To hairdressers and beauty salons go men and women. To my mind it is a big choice in Vilnius where to go to cut yo

our hair. Some of them are expensive and some of them are good for everyone. Of course women go there more then men, but it is everywhere the same. They have to look better.

I listed (talked) about services from the most important to less important in the place I live. I use all of them. It depends on my needs. Like hairdressers-every two weeks and post office once a month or more. I don’t actually use a police service, but feel safer knowing that police officers protect us.

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