musician career



A music career is vast and has a great variety of positions available at the present time. There are a numerous number of jobs that comes to mind when thinking of working in a music career. Occupations like singers, music therapist, composer, conductor, are generally what people think of when it comes to a music career. Presently, one of the most respected careers is being a pianist or a piano teacher.  Choosing a career and future job, is based on what you enjoyed doing mo

ost. Although you job might not be the one that offers the highest salary. 

First of all, to become a musician is much more difficult than the mathematician or engineer. A lot of people begin to study music even before school and generally it is not their but parents decision. When children grow up enough to understand what they want from life, they are forced to face all problems and challenges that are going to cometo the front in the future. Th

he truth is that musician life consists of long hours of playing, a lot of patience, competitions, rivalry and talent. But still, sometimes you can have all of these subjects and just because of life circumstances do not become a co
oncert performing artist. In comparison with mathematician life, obviously it is more demanding and unsecured.

Secondly, education is not the main key applying for a music teacher job or on purpose to become a concert performing artist. Qualifications help to get teaching jobs on college faculties and academies, but do not affect one’s ability to give concerts. Great pianists have developed their technique so that difficult music is no longer difficult to play and removed the physical barrier to interpreting music so that they can concentrate on their understanding of the ideas behind the music. As you can guess, even without a single academic qualification, a respected pianist will still likely be invited to teach at one or other of th

he great music learning institutions or even become an honorary professor. Thus, there is small possibility to make career in both areas actually without a good qualification.

Finally, if you live in Lithuania, musician career does not promise you a generous reward for your job. Even a lot of performing having pianist cannot survive from their concerts. For example, one of the most famous pianist, Petras Geniusas, works in our Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy as well as Muza Rubackyte in Pa

aris music conservatory. Concerts maybe pay you a lot of satisfaction when the audience is impressed after the concert and stands up to applaud you. But still the money is so little that you surely have to have another source of income.

In conclusion, I would liketo say, that despite all issues, challenges, long years of practice and big revelry a lot of people choose to be musicians. They are willing to take risks even knowingthat only a few of them are going to be performing artists and rest- teachers. Big salary is not the main key choosing career and future job. People who want to be the musician know that no money can bring you happiness that music brings.