most common diseases in lithuania

Good health is better than the best medicine and if your health is good, you are always in good mood. But not everyone could boast a good health. Around us there are lots of viruses, they try to get in our organism and to make us ill.So most common diseases in Lithuania are: a clod, food poisoning, indigestion, flu, cancer, leukemia, meningitis and other. Some of them like cancer, leukemia, meningitis are fatal.So to stay healthy, people must do exercises every day, get enough rest, choose nutritious food, wash hands before meal, go for a walk in outdoors, food should contain of lots minerals and vitamins. If people follow these rules, they will be fit and won’t be ill.To stay fit and healthy I do exercises (try to do every day), eat nutritious food with lots of minerals and vitamins, every day go for a walk in the park, wash my hands before meal and go to see a doctor regularly.