More education, Less Environmental Damage

The environmental damage is probably the most significant of nowadays problems. This is the result of ourselves behavior with environment. In addition, the Industrial Revolution had huge effects to environmental damage. In my opinion, there are several solutions to this problem.The most important step towards preserving the ozone layer is to educate the public about it, especially the younger generation. This could take place in schools, with the aid of environmental projects for children. If people fully understand the importance of the ozone layer, they will be more likely to protect it.Apart from educating future generations, we also need to put pressure on peoples to recycle as much as possible. Only in this way will we be able to conserve the earth’s valuable resources for generations to come.What we should concentrate on now is developing new types of transport and power, which do not pollute the atmosphere, as these are the biggest sources of environmental pollution.To sum up, the environmental damage has to be stopped. The best solution is to stricter responsibility of polluting or damaging environment and people would be less likely to commit an offence against law.