money makes the world go round

It is popularly believed that money makes the world go round and I can strongly agree with this opinion. It is impossible to imagine how our world would be like if there would be no money no rich or poor people.The benefits of being rich and powerful are numerous and yet much can be said against it. There are many things to be said in favour of being rich and the most obvious one that undoubtedly you have to put a lot of efforts if you want to become a rich person. There is no specific formula you can you to become a millionaire. For instance, at school we are told that gaining knowledge is all we need to do well in society. With being rich also comes adoration, meaning that rich people will always be surrounded by people who want to be with and be seen with them. However, there are drawbacks to being rich and the most obvious one being a complete lack of privacy. Nowadays, such people are followed almost everywhere they go and their lives are scrutinized in details by newspapers. In addition, to this rich person can never be sure whether people like him for the person he is rather that his money or name. The main advantage to being rich s that it tends to go hand in hand with being successful person, but we can’t forget that success doesn’t happen by accident, it comes like a rewarding (atlyginimas) to your hard work, patience and so on and so forth. True success turns out to be based on more than motivation. There is a need for harmony, balance, creativity, healthy relationships. In conclusion, most people dream of becoming rich and famous. They worry constantly (pastoviai, nuolatos) only about their money and reputation. They are rarely (retai) satisfied with what they have. To tell the truth, I am not like these people, money isn’t an essential thing in my life there are a lot of more important things.