Modern technologies


The difference between then and now is modern technology. Modern technologies have changed our lives and helped the economy grow. They have also given us new challenges to solve.Computers have become a part of our society. In modern countries life is no longer conceivable without having a computer at home, that is connected to the net. There are shown commercials on foreign TV channels, that this or that bank or company offers to order food or some necessary stuff just from your computer, straight from your home. Without a doubt that is comfortable. As follows, you no longer have to go through various car salons to inspect various cars in case you want to bye one. All you have to do is go to the internet, find a web page of certain car company, are you are allowed to get to know all the details of the car, take the view of inner and outer surface, to know how it_d look like if you change the colors. And even in our poor country everyone and everything make a reach for renovation, renewal and update. In order to ease, to lighten and relive ones work.There are many advantages for students in an online world. Students can share their work with others around the world, providing them access to various cultures and perspectives that they would not encounter in everyday experiences. Networks support a teaching model that provides students the opportunity to learn by solving problems. This helps the students in their search for knowledge and solutions. Information is available on the World Wide Web that can provide students access to materials such as scientific journals and up-to-date research data that can take years for textbooks to offer. With computer experience being a requirement for nearly all jobs, a lack of exposure to technology can place students at a grave disadvantage. So using computer and other up-to date technologies produces the insurance that students won’t have any problems working with newest facility solutions in their future. As they use the computer and the Internet, students will become more familiar and comfortable with technology, helping to prepare them for their futures in industry.

Today, the high-tech industry is the world’s fastest growing manufacturing industry. It has created millions of new businesses and jobs.In addition, high-tech devices have speeded up work in all kinds of businesses and industries. Nearly every business depends on high technology to make work faster and easier. In this way, too, the high-tech industry has helped the economy to grow.Not very long from now on everything will be computerized. Everything is being created to quicken, to improve and to ease. Using the up-to-date technologies gives students the opportunity to share their ideas among themselves, access information from all over the world and ensures the educated and cultivated future.Modern technology has also created new problems. Many of these problems come about because technology changes the environment. Technology improves our lives in many ways, but it also creates new problems and hard choices. For example, it’s not easy to balance economic growth and protection of the environmentThe manufacturing of electronics parts uses thousands of poisonous chemicals. In the past 30 years, these chemicals have polluted the ground and water near electronics factories. In addition, many workers have become sick after being around these materials.Electronic products have also created a huge problem of poisonous waste. Most people throw away their old televisions and computers. When they do, the harmful chemicals poison the ground and water. Today, this kind of “e-waste” is the fastest growing waste problem in the world.