Healthy nutrition

Slenderise yourself taking less fat… Eat more carbohydrates and stay bouncy and in high spirits… White of the egg vitalizes the use of energy… Too much white of the egg overloads the kidneys… Eating often and lightly is better than three times and a lot… Do not chew constantly, let the gastric juice quieten down… Vegetarians live longer… Only eating meat we get enough vitamin B12… Fresh fruit and vegetables make us healthy, thin and efficient… Too much vegetarian food disturb metabolism…Is it still possible to orient? There is a huge amount of contradictory nutrition theories. The gurus of these theories throw the fat and the thin, the young and the old, the healthy and the sick into one boiler. That usually ends in fact that people loose the pleasure of eating. Some, while sadly eating the yoghurt, dream of a juicy roast or browned chicken. Sometimes one loses the chain and brakes the such called reasoned rules of the nutrition – then the worm of consciousness comes alive. Or even there comes a day when the stomach goes on strike, as it becomes tired being constantly packed with inappropriate food.So how to win the war with the kilos and stay healthy and efficient? There is only one way out – to eat tasty and necessary for us food, that suit our needs.Such nutrition fits our individual biochemical features and also fits the way our organism takes in and processes the food. All the slenderising diets have one defect: they do not regard the individual needs of nutrition. Just as there are no two identical fingerprints, there can not be same trophic wants. These wants depend on various factors. One of them are our inherited sets. From them depends the amount of the needed substances for the organism to function well.

Different people need different food. And only after sensational discovery, that blood type and nutrition are linked, everything suddenly changed. Well know American doctor and the proponent of treatment with natural cures Peter D’Adamo considers the blood group to be the key, that opens the door to a mysterious world of health, longevity, physical vitality and emotional strength. One may sceptically contradict and doubt that blood group is linked with our nutrition and way of life. But according to dr. D’Adamo, each blood group gives genetic information about the nutrition and behaviour of our forefathers. Most of these features affect us till now. Though one may consider the fact, that blood is responsible for our physical condition, nonsensical, still blood IS responsible for the way our organisms digest the food. There is a mutual connection between nutrition and blood type. People who have the first group, derive from the primitive society of hunters and pickers. They need meet – only then they will feel well. The second group is given more to vegetarian food. The third group may perfectly feed on eggs and milk products. The fourth group has a huge variety of products to choose from, but still there are some that should not be eaten. Nutrition, which is purposefully concerted with one’s metabolism, influences the organism. It rebuilds natural functions of immune system. It relieves the digestive and intestine activity. It revs up the functioning of the organs, that take part in metabolism – liver, bile cist, kidneys and pancreas. The body is able to purify itself from unnecessary and poisonous substances. The final aim of this diet is the optimal physical and spiritual condition, what leads to the loss of unnecessary kilos like a side effect.