modern inventions

In our days our life is quite modern. It has changed a lot in the last decades. Technologies occupied our life and now there is easier to live. One can say that Lithuania isn’t modern country ant it doesn’t has such a modern inventions like other west countries have. In my opinion everything could change before long, because we are entering Euro

Modern Inventions Make People’s life better pe Union. (63)One of the most important inventions is mobile telephone. This miracle of technologies isn’t very old, because it has appeared in last decade. Mobile telephone changed our life, because now we can find any people we need in any place he is. Also we can control our bank account, play the games, to vote in TV shows and even we can win a lot of money by sending an SMS. Also we can use Internet. In my opinion it is invention number one. (84)Internet is not a new thing to people. I think Internet is one of the most important things in people’s who are using it life. At the same time Internet became part of furniture in our life. We can find Information we are looking for, to chat with other people, we can buy everything we need, to watch films and to listen music, we can even pay our bills. And importance of Internet is increasing day by day. (79)There are a lot of more modern inventions like domestic electric appliances, Hi-Fi technologies, and also mechanical engineering. It is only few modern inventions, because someone is inventing something new at the moment. I wish the modern technologies came to Lithuania more and more. (44)