Michael Schumacher

Michael from a little day was totally devoted to kart. His farther was making kart himself for his son. Until 1984 Michael had won Germany junior’s championship. Until 1987 he took he Europe champion’s title. In 1988 he was representing “Formula Ford” and later German on F-3 he became the champion on the second season. In 1991 he debuted on F-3000 and on the “Formula-1” with command “Jordan”. Then young German looked really great. On qualification race he overtook his friend Andrea de Cesar and took the seventh start position. Michael the season finished with “Benetton”. On the next season he was representing “Benetton” again. On this command he finished eight times on the rising ground. In 1993 season was similar to the previous season. But in 1994 Michael became the champion. On the next season he reached his purpose. From 1996 Michael is representing “Ferrari” and exhausting all possibility of bolid he won three times on the first year. New technology let him to fight for the champion’s title. In 1997 the season finished by fiasco. After the crash with J.Villeneuve all Michael’s points were canceled and the second place on the championship found another master. In 1998 “Ferrari” took another step forward, but this time Schumacher was delayed by Mika Hakkinen. Michael had to wait for “his time”. Then M.Schumacher had broken his leg in Silverstone track, he had buried all his hopes of season in 1999. In 2000 he had at last reached his purpose. Michael became F-1 champion. He collected 108 points. In 2001 season was another great season. He became the champion in Hungary. Then he reached Alain Prost record – 51 victory. He became a racer who had won the most races in F-1 history. The year of 2002 was “Ferrari” and M.Schumacher’s debut year. He became the champion in France. He collected 144 points which was the record. He finished on podium on every race. That was fantastic results. In 2003 Michael stays with “Ferrari” and his partner is still Rubens Barrichello.