UAB Megrame was established on 26 March 1992 and was the first in
Lithuania to start the production of plastic windows. The President of the
company is Juozas Magelinskas. Megrame has been a member of the Lithuanian
Builders’ Association since 1996.
The company has two subsidiaries, i.e. Vakarų Megrame and Pietų Megrame,
and its representatives in twelve cities and towns of Lithuania.
The company’s activities cover design, production and installation of
windows, doors, store windows, facades and orchard houses. PVC windows
produced by Megrame were awarded the title of th he Best Lithuanian Product
of 1999. In 2000, another product of the company, wooden windows, were
awarded the same honourable title. In 1999, Megrame’s products were
certified to be in compliance with the quality standards LST EN ISO 9002
and LST EN ISO 14001.
The company seeks to apply advanced technologies. Modern machinery for
profile bending owned by the company allow to offer a broad range of
product forms to the customers. The company’s production lines are under
constant improvement. We may produce windows and doors to suit any
architectural project in te erms of both form and colour. The company staffs
365 including specialists with top qualification. Most of them have
received advanced training in analogous firms in Germany.
Megrame is linked with the German firm Gealan WekFickenscher GmbH by a long-
term co-operation agreement. We also ha

ave long-standing contacts with other
famous European firms such as Pilkington and G-U.
Megrame is the first and largest producer of plastic windows in Lithuania
that has already gained considerable experience and can guarantee high
quality of products and services.

Our firm offers all services related to the acquisition of windows and
doors including consulting, measurement, design, production, delivery,
installation and servicing. Order processing and production are
centralised, which ensures efficient and flexible customer service and
expeditious response to changes in customer requirements.


Plastic PVC windows

The advantages of plastic windows are as follows: 1) good soundproofing and
heat insulation; 2) long service life; 3) simple maintenance; 4) wide range
of forms and colours; 5) protection against burglary; 6) high installation
depth (62 mm); 7) dual seal system; 8) strengh of profile; 9) possibility
of remaking; 10) environment-friendly.


JMegrame has been producing plastic windows, doors and multiple g glazed
units since 1992. Modern GEALAN (Germany) system profiles of
polivinylchloride (PVC) are used. Both technical parameters and appearance
of the profiles meet the high quality requirements of today’s windows. The
products are characterised by durability and longevity, they do not rot,
burn or react with chemicall active environment. Excellent heat insulation
properties of plastic profiles make them very economical in terms of energy
cost saving. The heat conductivity coefficient of the new type profiles is
1,3 W/m2K. The profile system is impervious both to moisture and dust. PVC
profiles are re

esistant to mechanical impact: they neither crook nor break.
The properties of polivinylchloride enable to produce windows and doors of
a wide diversity of sizes, forms and colours. Colour profiles are produced
by coating them with acryl. You maycreate your own colourful environment
since you are absolutely free in choosing from our palette of colour.



Highest quality Pilkington glass from England is used for glazing plastic
window units. Float technology is employed in producing this glass,
resulting in a very even glass surface and excellent transparency. The
glazed unit is sealed by the sulphide and butyl methods thus obtaining the
requisite properties of the multiple glazed unit – impermeability and
mobility of lass. To improve heat insulation properties of the glazed unit,
glass of various thickness as well as special K glass is used. The glass is
highly resistant to breaking and fire and provides anti-burglar protection.
Toned or reflection glass protects premises, furniture and wall finishing
against negative effects of sun.
At present most of multiple glazed units are made of Pilkington glass with
soft selective coating, the chambers being filled with inert gas.
Therefore, the heat conductivity coefficient 1,1 W/m2K is achieved. Such
multiple glazed unit meet the latest requirements and are widely used
throughout Western Europe.
Pilkington glass provides excellent sound insulation. Various combinations
of glass enable to de

esign sound insulation according to specific noise
conditions. Multiple glass units are characterised by long service life. It
has been estabkished by investigations that they may serve for as much as
80 years.


Megrame offers a wide range of accessories that match both functionally and
estethically. Regulated fixing devices allow ventilating rooms without
leaving the windows open. They prevent formation of vapour condensate and
serve as a heat saving measure during cold seasons of the year. This is a
cheap solution of ventilation problems in the premises having no separate
ventilation system.
Air vents – small ventilation windows serve as another heat-saving measure.

Internal windowsills. Windowsills of various colours offered by Deceuning
may be matched with other details of the interior. They are moisture
resistant and fine in appearance, and are made of healthy materials (do not
contain formaldehydes). The windowsills are very durable due to special
reinforcing rib inside. Their maintenance is easy, with no painting
External windowsills. External windowsills of aluminium or steel plastisol-
coated sheet and therefore are highly resistant to temperature changes,
direct sunlight and acid rains.


The customer ordering these windowsills may choose from a range of
colours. We also offer door spring-pulling units, external door handles,
and mechanisms for opening transom windows




1. The dual seal system with APTK rubber seals is long lasting and requires
no maintenance    whatsoever.

2. The st

trong profiles allow the use of glass as thick as 48 mm, meaning
that soundproof glass that meets the strictest requirements can be used.

3. The Quality. Many profile ridges and the increased profile depth of 62
mm stabilise the profile and improve the overall rigidity of the window

4. Stability. The large main chambers in the profile can also be reinforced
with galvanised steel profiles. Alternatively, aluminium reinforcements and
welded corner pieces can be used in front door units. The sizes are geared
to static requirements.



[pic]       S 7000 IQ – THE NEW WINDOW SYSTEMQ

Modern windows are characterised by increasingly better heat insulation
properties. Excellent heat insulation characteristics of multiple glazed
window units have been achieved – k= 0.75 W/m3K. In Germany, the standard
heat conductivity coefficient for multiple glazed units in new dwelling
construction is k=1.1W/m2 K.

The necessity of energy saving programmes is mainly determined by: energy
costs and requirements to minimise emissions to the atmosphere (to mitigate
the negative consequences of global warming). Heat generating plants are
one of the largest polluters of the atmosphere. Both the USA and the EU
Member States are going to implement strict plans for the reduction of heat
The production of particularly warm windows is developing along two lines:
– multichamber wider frames have appeared on the market (with the
traditional 50-60 mm profiles very high heat conductivity parameters cannot
be achieved);
– some producers return to a double glazed window unit, however, in
addition to the float-type glass, two glasses treated with soft selective
coating are used.
The novelties of this window system include:
1. Much improved profile thermal parameters A certificate issued by the

Rosenheim Window Institute for this profile system states the heat

conductivity value k = 1.1 W/m2 K. This has been achieved upon increasing

the profile width up to 74 mm (the width of GEALAN’s 3000 system profile

is 62 mm). Instead of 3 chambers the new profile has been divided into 5

chambers. 5-chamber profiles have already been included in the range of

GEALAN’s profiles but the new system allowed to increase the width of the

chambers themselves, which resulted in much better thermal parameters of

the system. Better parameters are also due to changes in steel

reinforcement: the steel structures used to reinforce the profile due not

contact the plastic chamber walls throughout the structures’ area, which

minimises the effect of steel as a temperature bridge.


2. Self-ventilation system. GEALAN has a patented self-ventilation system
GECCO which, depending on the wind strengh, opens or closes a special flap
in the window leaf.

3. Improved protection against burglary. This is also possible owing to
increased width of profile in this system. Durability is lent to the
profile by the peculiarities of frame and leaf design, stronger hollows for
the installation of fittings, increased mechanical resistance of steel
reinforcement and the technology of installation of window posts.

4. Modern design. The system is characterised by particullarly soft forms
with rounded edges. The height is very small in relation to the wide
profile: the visible part of the leaf is just 39 mm, which makes the window
especially elegant.

[pic] .

5. New profile width ensures excellent soundproofing. The design of these
windows allows using multiple glazed units up to 40 mm thick. This enables
to produce windows for a broad range of applications.
MEGRAME has already introduced all the above-mentioned novelties. It was
the first in Lithuania to start the production of multiple glazed units
with soft selective glass. The first windows of this type have already been
installed in the Vilnius Santariskes University Hospital.
The new quality, however, increases prices for new products. MEGRAME, which
boasts high production volumes and devotes much attention to pricing, has
achieved that the employment of the new system would not increase product
prices excessively.
The new window system will co-exist with GEALAN 3000. They complement one
another, extending the window manufacturers’ possibilities to offer
quality, reliability, and excellent design to their customers.



We produce wooden windows, store windows and balcony doors using only the
highest quality wood material from the Nordic states and employing advanced
German technologies.
Production takes place in modern shops of UAB Megrame Medis company. The
production equipment of new generation has been designed according to the
projects of Michael Weining AG and Hess Technology, leaders of wood
processing technologies in Germany. The company’s staff, including machine
operators, were trained by foreign specialists.
State-of-the-art technologies allow producing windows and doors of various
forms. Tools supplied by the German firm Leitz ensure accurate and high
quality processing of the wood surface. A new generation window profile IV-
69 with larger than normal roundings and inclines was selected. This lends
special elegant appearance to the products. The possibility to install one
or two seals and the use of Pilkington single- or double-glazed glazed
units guarantees the desired level of heat insulation and soundproofness.
We may also design and produce anti-break-in windows and doors.
Rhenocoll and Sikkens impregnation, priming and painting systems are used
for the window finishing. Due to deep penetration they provide quality
protection against the atmospheric effects.

The palette of paints and varnishes allows to obtain the desired color
effect, at the same time preserving the natural beauty and warmth of wood.

Ironwork supplied by the German manufacturer G-U is used for our windows
and doors, therefore the windows may be opened, half-opened, sloped, slid
and folded. Various small ventilating windows may used.

The external horizontal surfaces of frames and leaves are covered with
protective aluminum flashings.




All products are designed to the specifications of a concrete project,
taking account of specific architectural environment. The design of our
products guarantees excellent heat insulation and soundproofness as well as
high resistance to wind and water.

Architectural systems of aluminium profiles

The CW 50 system consists of various profiles that enable to exploit the
possibilities of 3-D design in full. Extraordinary design possibilities,
high aesthetic quality and transparency are the main features of the
system. CW 50 is a high quality architectural system offering optimal
creative opportunities. The kR value is 2.58 W/m2SK according to DIN 4108,
materials group 2.1.


CW 50-SC is a structural system where the glass parts are directly
supported by a 50 mm wide structure, which guarantees maximum transparency.
Any structural openings may be integrated into the system. The kR value and
the materials group are determined according to the kR value of the glass.
Materials group 2. 2 according to DIN 4108.



Orchard house structures

The TR100/200 system is an excellent heat insulator and offers a wide range
of specially designed profiles. The system is designed in such a way so
that the beams are covered by the glass forming a flat surface roof. The kR
value is 3.5 W/m2K.
The TR 200 system also provides excellent heat insulation and a wide choice
of beams. In this system the glass is installed under the beams thus
forming an even surface inside. It offers solutions for the most complex
roofs and does not restrict the designer’s creativity. The kR value is 3.85
W/m3K, materials group 2.2 according to DIN 4108.



A good window is the window that has been properly installed.

Around 70% of customer claims (both in Lithuania and in developed European
countries) are connected with installation errors, not with poor quality of
the windows themselves.

MEGRAME was the first in Lithuania to prepare a window installation manual
based on its own experience of many years and on the materials of studies
conducted by the Rosenheim Window Engineering Institute and the German
concern Gealan Werk. The manual is intended for everyda The manual
identifies the problems of installation of plastic, aluminium and wooden
windows and their structures and provides recommendations for the solution
of these problems. The situation on site often appears to be different from
what was planned and then the installer must look for optimal solutions.
Making of connections is related to various problems of construction
physics, design and engineering. The causes of connection problems are,
roughly speaking, 70% planning errors and 30% installation errors.
The publication has been agreed upon with the Lithuanian Union of Civil
Engineers and registered with the Ministry of Environment.

In case this manual does not provide answers to the questions you are
concerned with, we will gladly consult you individually work, with its
format making it convenient for carrying.



Fixed frames are attractive because they offer installation possibilities
and are inconspicuous. They are good practically for anything, even in
cramped spaces, they are easy to install. It makes no difference, if the
window is wooden, plastic or aluminium. Windows and blinds functions are
not limited just like in any NEHER solutions.

[pic][pic]    Excellent protection from insects – folding nets.




Prepared by:


Vilnius 2001 m.

















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Affairs, the Institute of History of Lithuania, the Embassy of the

Republic of Lithuania in Russia, the Chinese Embassy in Vilnius, the

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