mass media

Which kind of mass media TV, radio, news papers, magazines is the most popular and dominates in Lithuania? Which one do you and your family prefer? Is it information or entertainment that you are looking for in the media?

We’re living in the 21st century, in a world of mass communication, and it is possible to know what is happening in every corner of the world. We get the newest, most interesting information from various sources: TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. To my mind, TV is the most appropriate way to receive information and entertainment for people in Lithuania. Especially for those, who work hard, are very busy and have no time to read the press. Watching TV is the fastest way to know what is happening in your country and all over the world. However, I can’t say that only TV is the most popular in Lithuania. There are many people who enjoy reading newspapers, magazines and listen to the radio going in a car, in work offices or doing a room. When I wake up, first step I do, I turn my radio on to hear the weather forecast and horoscope of the day.
My family prefers TV and reading the press. My parents’ job starts only after midday, so every their morning begins with a cup of strong coffee and newspapers in the hands. If the press isn’t brought, they turn the TV on and watch morning’s programme.
I, actually, prefer watching TV. Surely, I choose those channels, which offer a great variety of programmes: current affairs, interwievs, discussions, documentaries, drama productions and feature programmes. Of course, I don’t watch all programmes running. I look through the TV program in advance and choose what I think might be interesting to me. I particularly enjoy the talk shows, quizzes, and sitcoms. I do my best not to miss them. However, the main thing I watch everyday is news. Apart from this, TV has one disadvantage. I can’t stand our television becoming too commercialized. It’s so unpleasant when a film is interrupted and some cat food is advertised.
On the whole, living in this period , there are lots of ways to receive information and to find entertainment, However, every person chooses that one, which is available, most interesting, attractive, correspond to his interests.