Male and female jobs

Male and female jobs

Labour (job) in current and sophisticated economy requires some specific characteristics of a person – comunicative, smart, hands-on and able of reaching higher aims. These characteristics are required for both male and female workers. Though the number of men and women who keep their families does not differ so much anymore, however men and women are not working in same jobs. Women mostly work in fields which meet the traditional role of a female i.e. textile and garment in

ndustry, kindergartens, schools and social work. They rarely climb to a position which requires authoritative and leader’s characteristics.

Recently in a magazine “Moteris” there was an article on discrimination of women at work. It turns out that female jobs are less paid, women are more often sexually harassed and that women rarely reach positions of higher management. Men and women always worked, though work and salary that they were able to get was more often dependant on labels assigned to them i.

.e. Male Work and Female Work than them as individuals and their abilities.

Often jobs are separated into Male Work and Female Work. Despite her intelligence and agility a woman will never be able to do what a man can do

o. So the toughest and hardest jobs in the world are being performed by men.

Often within the family male and female responsibilities are different. Women at home cook food, perform housecleaning, parent children and do shopping though men more usually check that their cars have no problems and that taps do not leak. I think that not everyone could imagine a woman sitting and watching a football game with a bottle of beer in her hand while her husband vacuums the room and cleans dust.

Quite a few times we saw an advertisement saying Paternity Rules! This note motivates men to take a paternity leave. I think this is becoming more and more popular because today the number of women wh

ho are getting paid more than men is increasing. Also there are more women today who climb the career ladder and these few years needed to grow a child could be very unhelpful for their careers.

I think that a modern woman could do everything. Nowadays a woman driving a trolleybus or working as a security officer does not surprise anyone though there are some specialities that a woman can not do. A woman will never be a surgeon. This is be

ecause surgeons have to be strong in every way.

Nevertheless today a difference between sexes does exist and I think it will exist for a very long time. It’s just that men and women are very different. The question is if this difference is so bad or it is just a natural situation. Was it so good living in social structure when men and women were doing same jobs? It’s just her nature that does not allow her doing hard jobs.