Lucky to be alive

One Saturday morning Tom and Mark were walking on the beach. The weather was hot and sunny, but beach was rather empty. The blue sea was serene and perfect for swimming.
Friends were talking about holiday plans and they ignored regard at sign, which was in golden sand. That was a sign with note “No swimming-sharks”. “How strange, no one people in the sea, why? ”, asked Tom. “Never mind, lets go swimming “, replied Mark.
They were starting surfing, when the shark appeared. Th he shark was big and awful, it rans after the men. “Mark Jump onto my board and push yours towards the shark”, yelled Tom. Mark jumped on Toms board and pushed his board towards the beach, like Tom said. That for a short time stopped a shark. Then they quickly padded towards the beach. Finally, friends fitted and were very winded.
“We are safe at last”, said Mark. They were still shocked, but happy. Mark and Tom cant believed that it wa as not a dream. “Im sure we wont forget this day”, said Tom. They knew they were very lucky to be alive.

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