It is often said that there are three the most important things on the earth: money, love and health. Money brings the comfortable life, but they do not bring the peaceful happiness. Health, no doubt, is very important thing, but human being I think can love and be happy without very good health. So love in my opinion, is the leader of these three the most important things. There is the story, which shows that.

In one side of the earth live a couple of lovers. They met each other a few years ago. It started by the accident. The lady Jane was hairdresser and one day in the competition of hair-do she won “The Gold scissors prize”. It was two tickets for travel to Australia by the plane. But the same day she has lost the key from her car, so she gave the advertisement with her mobile phone number to the newspaper.In that square, where Jane has lost her key, Peter was working as scavenger. It was winter, so Peter was digging snow off with spade and found the key. The young gentleman saw the advertisement and rung to the lady. ‘Hello! I am ringing by the advertisement. I found a key,’ explained Peter.‘Hello! Yes, I have lost the key. Did you really find it?’ asked Jane.‘Yes, I found it in the square. How could we meet? Maybe in the café?’ he offered.‘Oh yes. Is it OK at 5.00 pm o’clock?’‘Yes, of course,’ she agreed.‘Bye, bye’‘Bye’They met and loved each over. It was love by the first sight. They both went to Australia. One of the trip’s day Jane found the note which shocked her. It was tore to pieces, but Jane could read the words ‘… and we will always be together. All my love, S.’ She accused Peter of being not loyal to her. But he denied being not faithful and explained, that it was the note from his old love Susan, who does not mean anything to him already, and the jacket in which pocket Jane found that note was not used for two years. Jane apologised for being distrustful and was surprised when Peter presented her the gold ring and asked to be his wife. Lady could not refuse to marry Peter because she loved him very much.

Neither money nor health made influence for these heroes fate. From my point of view, the love is most powerful thing.