describing people

The person I want to talk about is a girl waiting for a bus. The first think you notice about her is her nice smile and her white teeth. I suppose she is out-going and independent people, who loves parties and doing her own thing.I guest she is about eighteen years old, because she is wearing street- style clothes and has done up her a little bit wavy blond hair in two plaits. She has got a well- developed figure, so, maybe, she is a sportswoman. This good- looking lady is quite tall, about a hundred and seventy centimetres tall. She is round- faced, her eyes are slanting, and her nose is small. She has got a very beautiful long neck, but it is hiden under the collar of the denim-jacket. The lady is also wearing a light blue sweater, a checked scarf, a pair of light yellow trousers and a pair of joyful pink trainers, which tell a lot about her attractive character. All these clothes very well suit with her. Ladies style is very practical, especially for student. I think, she is communicative and talkative. Maybe, a little bit shy and insecure, because she is keeping her hands in the fists. Nevertheless she is very trustworthy and thoughful. For example, and now she seems like being listening to someone. From her happy face we can understand that she fells terrific and self- confident. In my opinion these features are very important nowadays. So, I have chose to describe this lady, because of her colorful style and expressive appearance.