Living in a foreign country



The United Arab Emirates is located on the southern coast of the Arabian Gulf.It overlooks the Gulf of Oman in the east.. The most important cities are – Abu Dhabi – the capital of the state and Dubai – an important commercial center in the Arabian Gulf region. We are living in Dubai with my family for ten years now, and we really like it. Here, in Dubai is extremely hot and humid in summer, but the weather is fine starting from October to April. The climate influences1 plant and animal life, but the UAE government cares to math about their country so don’t miss a green around you – there is a lot of Palm trees planted artificially and so many different kinds of flowers. The population of the UAE, is 2,5 million, according to report in 1997. Since becoming a sovereign federal state in 1971, efforts have been made by the government to modernize industry of fishing, whish used to be one of the most important occupations, and pearl diving ; pearl diving was the reason for development2 of some cities (like Dubai). However, pearl used to be the main commodity3 in the past, but now oil has replaced pearls and become the main source of the national income. The city of Dubai is called “The pearl of the Gulf”. And believe me.., – it is! The city is divided into two parts and linked by two bridges and a two-lane underwater tunnel below the mouth of the creak. Islam is the official religion of the state, but there are several churches as well. The UAE society is a well – knit community, whose members embrace4 the family and the tribe5. Strong social relations based on love and co – operation, tie these families and tribes to one another.

1. Influence – itaka,poveikis.

2. Development – vystymasis,raida, augimas, pletimasis; evoliucija; tobulinimas.3. Commodity – placiai vartojamas reikmuo; prekes.4. Embrace – apkabinimas,glebys; apimti.5. Tribe – gimine, paderme, gentis; burys, gauja, kompanija.