Lithuania in 50 years

I think that life in our country would change completely in fifty years time.Firstly I think that people would live joyful and healthy lives. There would be no ecological problems. Moreover people would be more intelligent and more educated. There would be memory disks installed into their brains and there would be no problems in remembering somebody’s telephone number or birthday.Furthermore, people wouldn’t need cameras and other recorders because all information they could hear or see would be saved in onto memory disks. It would be very small. However it will have a lot of space – more that the most expensive computers have nowadays. It would also be possible to detect and cure the diseases using that information.Nowadays we have variety of transport types but in fifty years time the most of them wouldn’t be in use. It would be possible for everyone to make a space journey and not only to the Moon or the nearest planets but also to the other galaxies. As a conclusion no spaceship or planes would be needed. People would use more eco-friendly and economical way – they would travel only using the power of their minds.Finally the most interesting invention would be an eye- camera. It would be installed in their eye and connected with a server onto the space station. Everyone who would know the password and ID number could see where the person is at the moment. Of course to connect to the server and to get views from it you must have permission. So that families of people you do a dangerous job would always know where they are. It would help them not to worry.I think a lot of inventions would change the life completely and maybe it would help people to find the right way. I hope that all the wars will be finished and people realize that we have to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.