Leonardo da Vinči

leonardo da vinci was a famous Italian painter. It was the period of the renaissance when Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15th April 1452. Leonardo was born probably in this farmhouse in Anchiano , which is thee km. away from Vinci. The family of leonardo lived in this area since the thirteenth century.The father of leonardo sa Vinci , ser Piera, was a twenty – five old public notary when Leonardo was born. In the same year when Leonardo was born sir Piero married his first wife.He didn_t marry the mother of leonardo, because she was probably a daughter of a farmer. the mother of Leonardo was called Catarina. This is the Baptismal chapel and font in Vinci where Leonardo was christenize. leonardo was christenize from the parson Piero da Bartolomeo to the name Lionardoand not Leonardo. The chapel is inside the lovely church of Vinci. leonardo lived probably in Anchiano for five years until he settled to Vinci. In Vinci leonardo went to school. Leonardo learnt at school to write , to read and to calculate. Leonardo lived in Vinci until 1466. At the age of fourteen Leonardo moved to Florence where he began an apprenticeship in the workshopof Verro. Leonardo started an appreticeship in workshop of Andrea del verrocchio. leonardo and Verrocchio created the painting Baptism of christ. this painting was an older for Andrea del verrocchio from the cloister S.Salvi. leonardo painted the front angel and the landscape. The difference between the two artists is especilally visible by the angels.Leonardo paintedtwo the most popular paintings:”mona lisa” and “the last supper”. leonardo da vinci died in Florence in 1519. He was a very popular Italian painter.