Have you ever thought how people can spend their leisure?Some people prefer to spend their free time outdoors. Others prefer to spend their leisure time indoors. There are also a wide range of activities and entertainments, and your choise depends on your hobbies and interests. Going shopping with friends or travelling to an exotic place may seem like the great way to spend your leisure time. However, other prefer staying at home and reading book.I prefer to spend my leisure time indoors,too. In my opinion, time at work or in school may be described as “exhausting”, leaving leisure time to be a time for supplement rest, involving a relaxing activity. The indoors provide a more suitable environment to achieve this relaxation. You can read an amazing novel, listen to the classical music or even do the yoga exercises indoors. These activities would succeed in emptying your mind, preparing you for the busy and long day.

If you spend all your leisure time outdoors, however, negative consequences might follow. Taking up swimming or football for your leisure time may be extremely tiring and may require some rest afterwards. This defies the whole meaning of ‘leisure time’ as in this case, relaxation was not achieved at all and on the contrary, further required.

One may be surprised to find the numerous things one can do just at home and enjoy oneself as well. Leisure time does not necessarily mean that people have to go out and explore. This exploration can take place indoors, which would further provide the much needed relaxation, fortifying the true meaning of leisure time.