Knowledge and Understanding

Knowledge and Understanding

The tragedy of the human situation that threatens our civilization and our very existence reside in the fact that we have too much knowledge and too little understanding. Nowadays the world is overfilled with information. Mass media and other sources of information can easily influence our lives. Almost each day scientists discovers something, new technologies are invented, the river of knowledge each day flows with a bigger acceleration, but the point is that people understands only a very sm mall part of it. At firs we should coupe with basic understanding of things and not try to range everything.

The problem is that we fail to realize that knowledge and understanding are two totally distinct things. We are drowning in information, but starve for knowledge. Everyday we hear and see a wide wariety of information, but it doesn‘t bring any meaning to our lives. People are becoming cruel, they don‘t see any sense in living, and it‘s not becose of f lack of information, it‘s because no one tries to find meaning and uderstand in all the received information. There are a huge number of questions, which should be understood. Each should thing of them and trie tu understand them. Fo

or example: Shall we hold on to religious opinion or shall we say that electrons and protons are the only realities? At firs sight everything is easy, but then you dig deeper, you will discover the difficulties of understanding.

To sum up we should not miss any information that brings us knowledge without understanding it.

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