Joys and sorrows of a 12th form student

Being a 12th form student has a good and a bad side. I would like to tell both.
The first thing to come into our minds when talking about 12th form definitely is exams. It brings a great deal of pressure into student’s lives. One always hears teachers, friends and parents talking about the same – exams. Not only one has to worry about his future, he also feels responsible for people’s expectations.
However, 12th form student is more independent. He can visit caafés, clubs, drink alcohol and drive a car. These things make life much more spicy and interesting. What is more, 12th form student is also the eldest one in school which makes him the authority to others. And finally, teachers take one more seriously and pay greater attention to his needs and opinion.
To sum up, being a 12th form student has more pros than cons. But life, as it is said, life is neither black nor white.

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