Advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager

Being a teenager is neither very exciting nor terrible. It has its pros and cons. What is more, it depends on a particular person and his family’s social status.
On one hand, being a teenager is the most exciting part of one’s life. It is the time he experiences many fabulous things, like love and first kiss, for the first time. Moreover, it is the spring of one’s life when he’s is young and strong. He doesn’t have to worry about hiis health or diet. But most importantly, he doesn’t have to bother about earning money or paying bills. One’s parents kindly do that for him. So all he has to worry about is his studies and where to go out on weekend.
On the other hand, being a teenager is not as exciting as it seems. First of all, one is a great deal dependant on his parents. They tell him where to go, what friends to choose and even how too spend his leisure time. But the greatest of all dependencies is that he doesn’t have his own money therefore he can easily be controlled. Another disadvantage is that adults don’t take his opinion seriously. One can often hear them sa

ay “He’s just a kid” or “Grow up!”
Taking everything into account, everything mentioned above depends on one’s social status or his family’s social status. In particular, being a son or daughter of a poor African farmer doesn’t offer a carefree life.

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