Job interview

It’s very difficult to get an interesting, well-paid job. You must have university education, know some foreign language like english or german. But even if you have a diploma from university, it’s better if you had worked before.
When you are searching for a job you must write your CV. It’s very important, because if employer likes it, he will invite you for a job interview. In CV you must write everything about yourself, you must mention all your good abilities, annd, sometimes, forget about some bad. Of course, it must be up-to-date. After writing a CV you have to send it to all companies, that can propose you a job.
When you are finally invited for a job interview you must be prepaired very well, if you really want to get a job. First of all, you must look perfectly. You must be dressed in your’s best, and the clothes must be appropriate. It means, that if you ar going to bee a manager working in office, you can’t wear slack suit. Also your smile is very important. What is more, you must be very patient and look very intelligent, noone like rude and mercenary people. What is more, the night be

efore the interview, you should get enough sleep, so you will look fresh and full of energy. Your employer will like it.
During my job interview I will speak only about my advantages. I will tell that I am very hard-working, that I can work with computers easily, that I can drive a car, that I know Vilnius very well and many other good things about me. In addition, it’s very important to make a good impression about me, so I, of course, will be very nice and I’ll be smiling all the time. Finally, I will show all my diplomas.

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