Criminal situation

Crime has become arowing problem all over the world. The percent of criminality grows higher every day. There isn’t a day without burglary, robbery or murder. There are many reasons because people may become criminals. Some of them don’t have a job, so they must steal, others just don’t want to work, but want to live wealthy. apart from this some people are mentally disabled, they kill for pleasure.
Criminal situation in Lithuania is like in other countries. The only difference iss that a Lithuania is small country, so it doesn’t attract terrorists, but, I think, this may change when we join European Union.
A high part of criminals form teenagers. What is more, the lowest age of criminals falss every year. Many children becone criminals because of the problems in their family, their parents are often alcoholics. Others spend too much time with their friends, so not parents, but the street nurtures them and shows to live it this world.
Mainly, crimes arre commited against property. In Lithuania, one of the most popular crimes is robbing stereos from cars and car thefts. These kinds of robbery are not very dangerous, because people leave their cars on the streets, often without an alarm.

br />In most cases much easier is to prevent theft or other crime thanto fight with criminalfor your property or even life. it is better not to walk alone in the evening, and not to show that you have expensive cellphone or large amount of money. If you are young, and full of energy it’s very useful to attend some self-defence classes. Finally, if you are very afraid of criminals, you may buy a gun, but I think, it’s not very good idea.

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