It is not wrong to make mistakes

There is nothing wrong about making mistakes



Once Steve Maraboli said: “It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. We need to learn from our errors and move on”. No one is perfect. Which is why pencils were made with erasers, and apologizes were created. Many of us in life have made mistakes, big or small. We all don’t know everything that we should know, and most certainly we are always trying to get better at something that we do. To some people it might seem like a person has everything going for them, or that everything gets handed to them too easy. Like they are perfect. But in reality they are just as imperfect as everyone else in this world.

No matter who you are I am positively sure that you have made some kind of mistake in your lifetime. Even the most famous and important people have messed up a few times to many. Making mistakes is part of life, and you can never get hard on yourself just because you might have messed up a little bit. Always take this opportunity to learn from your faults and know how to handle the situation next time, or even avoid it all together so there is no chance of it happening again. No one is perfect, making a mistake is not going to be the end of your life. But it might just benefit you in the future.

That one person that you think has the best life, and you think is so smart, didn’t just wake up one day and have all of that handed to them. These people are not perfect. They actually work hard for what they have and they plan on keeping it that way or possibly even making it better. But why would someone you consider to be perfect want their lives to get any better? Maybe to them there is no perfect, like I said; maybe there is always space to get better. Just because things look good from the outside, does not mean that it really is good on the inside. People only show what they want others to see. They could be struggling with something internally and you would never hear about it. Never assume that someone is “perfect” by just looking at them. Some people have made a lot of mistakes just to get where they are now.

There is always room to make mistakes, and to learn, and to work hard, and even to grow as a person. Everyone has made a mistake in their life, no one has learned everything the world has to offer them. Not one person who has walked on this planet has claimed the title of being perfect. Everyone has their flaws, and being imperfect is just human.