Islam in Europe

Islam in Europe – Threat of Terrorism and Loss of Democrasy on not?

Islam is one of the four major religions in the world. The beginning of Islam as a religion is dated back to the 7th century.
Nevertheless, the people have many stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam. It is often looked upon as a “terrorist”, “extremist” or “fundamental” religion. Muslims claims, that in contrast, what many people think of Islam, it is still a peaceful religion, which does not promote any foorms of terrorist actions.
But the facts speak for themselves. First, 9/11 attack in 2001 in USA. Madrid train bombings in 2004, in Istambul in 2003, in London‘s underground in 2005 – it has been terrorism point in Europe. Islamist organizations all over the world are issuing threats towards Europeans. In today‘s the Islamist terrorist group Hizbollah announced that it is preparing suicide attacks in Denmark and Norway. It is important, however, to stress again that there are Muslims of great courage.
The fighter, Islamic terrorists who fiights in this way is believed to go straight to paradise if he dies and his enemy will go straight to hell. Many people who engage in violence within the context of political Islam do so, because they believe there is

s no other way in which their opposition and protest can be effectively expressed.
According to the different calculations there are 1, 3-1,5 milliard Muslim peoples in the world which particularly live all over the world. But mainly – in Europe, smaller part in America and Australia. More than twelve million Muslims currently live in the main countries of Western Europe. According to some statistics , Islam is the most actively wide religion, also amongst the mosteconomically developed peoples of the world, including Europe too. The Muslim states include stateless peoples and small organizations from the number of the states – forming peoples of the Cristian countries.
Last 20 years, numbers of Muslim immigrants in Europe is growing very fast, like The Economist have been reported (in 11/11 in 20004 ). It means that number of radicals in Europe is growing too. They have nestle into big cities of Europe, like London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and ect. and seeds they radicalism. Islam is today the largest minority religious denomination in Europe.
There are more Muslims than Catholics in the Protestant north, and more Muslims than Protestants in the predominantly Roman Catholic countries (

Like Steven Simon (a former terrorism specialist on the National Security Council ) sad, that Europe has a large nu

umber of disaffected young Muslims in Europe. They’re marginalized, even isolated in some cases economically, politically and socially. This condition has been complicated by a wave of migrants that has come in more recently. And these people — some of them are economic migrants; some of them are in Europe as political asylum seekers, but they harbor some profound resentments themselves. (
It means that Europe has let all muslims and in that way help them to make they ideas true.
Allah gave Muslim countries and peoples rich natural resources: Oilfields, where the 80% of the world oil is got, gas, rare metals , minerals medicinal sources, fruits and plants forests the most various climatic conditions, fertile lands and other innumerable riches, which are necessary for the life and happiness of a man.
I think, it means that Muslims are very strong in World‘s economy, so it helps them to fight for they liberties. This is reason, why muslims feels so strong and are in pugnacious spirits to fight for they religion and beliefs.
Democrasy is a system where the population of a society controls the government. It is one of ways to control population. I have tend Democrasy to named religion, because it ha
as its own rules, motivation, beliefs. And more, because, religion is one of ways to control population too.

Would Democrasy in Europe loss to Islam?
Islam seeks to dominate the world. Democrasy in USA is not so strong like in Europe. So I think, USA has losing war to Islam, because they belief in Democrasy is not so strong like Muslims belief in Islam. And if Democrasy still will be one of Europeans „religion“ (like it is now in democrasy countries), it will never loss war to Terror.
In today’s world, violence should have no place in the public domain. Freedom of expression, dialogue and democracy should replace censorship, violence and autocracy.
And I think too, that people shouldn’t confuse terrorists with Muslims. We should understand that the threat we face is not part of the Islamic faith. Hundreds of millions of Muslims all over the world oppose terrorism and deprecate the twisting of their religious teachings into explanation of inhumane, indeed ungodly, acts. Islam and interpretations of this religion may be very different things. We condemn people, but it wouldn’t to be fair to condemn the whole Islam religion.

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