Is shopping a pleasure or a tedious task?

Is shopping a pleasure or a tedious task?

Nowadays, more than ever, shopping is an ongoing concern which hundreds of people have to deal with. I am dead certain, that majority of them frequently ask themselves if shopping is a pleasure or a tedious task. However, the subject of it is controversial and apparently contradictory, much can be said in favour and against it.

It is often said, that for a lot of people, shopping is a chore, something tedious, like housework. I presume, this is just because, people don’t have enough time to do shopping and they always try to do it as fast as they can. Although, for others, shopping is relaxing, it is like a release from a world of work. But, needless to say, for a minority shopping can be dangerous as consuming too much alcohol or abusing drugs. For these “shopacolics”, a trip to a department store can become a way of fuelling an addiction.

Generally, if you arre from those people who have a liking to think that shopping is a tedious task, you should do your best to make shopping more relaxing, entertaining and enjoyable. For instance, if you want to go to buy some new cl

lothes it’s a good idea to go window shopping at first, in order to find out which shops are really worth visiting. This will also help you if you are bargain hunting and don’t want to spend a lot of money. Also it is advisable, not to go alone you should take your best friend, in order he could help you to decide what to buy. Write a shopping list to make sure that you buy everything you need. A small shop may have more unusual goods and offer a more personal service. If you can’t stand crowded shops and long queues then you should try avoid going to supermarkets or large department stores.

In addition to this, as I previously haave mentioned there are lots of shopacolics. Frequently they view spending money as a form of escapism and a mean of achieving happiness. People who become addicted to the excitement of shopping believe that buying something new will make their lives happier and more fulfilling. According to experts, women are particularly prone to this sort of behaviour. This may be because so much advertising is targeted at women. Unfortunately, many shopaholics don’t realise that they have a problem until it is

s too late. They end up either with huge overdrafts or in a court, filing for bankruptcy.

Taking everything into account, I should say that you feel the best when you haven’t got a shopping mania and then you find it as one of the best ways to spend your spare time. Yet, most of us can only imagine about doing shopping without having to leave home, but it seems to me that in the future shopping mania is tend to be a much more common thing as it is today, because you will be offered to buy things while working and surfing the net.


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