Informal letter – refusing an invitation

Teatro str. 6 – 16Klaipėda 580010 November 2003

Dear Tom

I have received your letter and am writing at once because I couldn’t come to your party. This Friday I’m going to visit my cousin who lives in Vilnius. I’ll be there till Tuesday so I can’t come to your party this weekend. However I’m inviting you to visit me next Friday.

Last week I had my autumn holidays. I like holidays very much because then I don’t have to go to school and I can sleep as long as I want. I spent most of my holidays with friends. Several days ago I went to the cinema where I’ve watched a very good movie. It was about ancient Rome and its conquests. I liked it very much. Tomorrow I’ll have to go to school again. Also I’ll have to do homework and other boring stuff.

Looking forward to see you next week.

See you soon,