individual talk about sleeping

For optimal waiking functioning obtaining the proper amount of good quality sleep is important.The purpose of sleep is to allow the brain to have a rest. When we are sleeping we also are dreaming. We all dream, some of us remember our dreams and others are not able to remember them, but nonetheless we all dream. There are five stages of sleep: light, deep, deeper, restorative and REM (rapid eye movement). Most dreaming takes place during the REM period of sleep. Dreams can be interpreted so we can better understand them. They usually do have meaning wich is important to the dreamer. Dreams are filled with symbolic language, which consists of word, pictures, people, places and many other items, which are not to be taken at face value.These internal motion pictures need to be analyzed, translated to find their actual meaning. Sometimes we have nigtmares and nigt terrors. What causes them? There could be many reasons but generally they are caused by some sort of fears or anxieties that the dreamer has. They can also be caused by a trauma that has not been dealed with. Some people say that dreams are messages from within each of us and they happen for a reason. Many poeple receive guidance from heir dreams which can help them with buisiness and personal affairs, even romance. This guidance can help people make beneficial decisions in their waking lives. Usually dreams, which are repeated, have special meaning. They may be showing the dreamer a particular pattern in his or her life or may be traying to get the dreamer’s attention and point to something important that needs to be resolved. And finaly I want to say that nothing can be so radiculous, so impossible or so unnatural that it can not happen in a dream.