In some countries, many people do not have enough money

In some countries, many people do not have enough money to access the Internet. Should governments be responsible for ensuring that everyone can get access to the Internet?

In this ages, Internet is one of the most useful technology. Internet gives the opportunity to know latest news or learn something. Therefore, a good idea to make the Internet accessible to everyone, but you should not forget the other problems of mankind.

As far as education concern, the Internet allows students to seek foor further knowledge and be aware of more global issues. For instance, governments can just install the basic equipment for Internet surfing in those national libraries or schools and make them available for the public.

However, saying that the government should provide free internet to everyone is kind of absurd. In a world where we have to pay for basic necessities like food and medicine, demanding that the internet should be free is a bit ridiculous. It is a useful service buut for many people there are far more pressing needs. For example, millions of people across the world still have no access to safe drinking water or electricity. Tens of thousands of people are homeless.

To conclude, being possible to get in

nvolved in the latest technology is always pleasurable but other problems, such as drinking water shortages or lack of electricity much more important than Internet access.

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