Įmonės SWOT analizė

“Bremena” SWOT analysis
• Right products, quality and reliability.
• Superior product performance vs competitors.
• Better product life and durability.
• Spare manufacturing capacity.
• Have customer lists.
• Direct delivery capability.
• Product innovations ongoing.
• Good administration’s relations
• Products have required accreditations.
• Management is committed and confident.
• Some of customer lists not tested.
• Some gaps in wages
• We would be a small player.
• No direct marketing experience because of marketing specialist incompetence
• Need more sales people.
• Limited budget.
• Don’t have a detailed plan for equipment improvement yet. • Delivery-staff need training.
• Customer service staff need training.
• Processes and systems, etc
• Low knowledge in financial distribution projects.
• Could develop new products.
• Local competitors have poor heating products.
• Users respond to new ideas.
• Could extend to overseas.
• New specialist applications.
• Can surprise competitors.
• Could seek better supply.
• Legislation could impact.
• Environmental effects would favour larger competitors.
• Existing core business distribution risk.
• Market demand very seasonal.
• Could distract from core business.
• Possible negative publicity.

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