Ideal teachers and students

I think learning is very impotant in people’s lifes. All people should go to school, that they could get education when they finish it.It should be good for all pupil’s at school, because the school is like second home. Teathers for pupils are like parents, and pupils for teathers are like childrens.I think ideal tether should be like the best friend, like a perent for pupil.The teather should be in a good mood every day. She should be crieitive because now all lessons are very boring. Every teather should hide his bed mood. The teather should be inteligent and to have an experience. These things are very important when you want to teatch children something.I think an ideal student should be very punctual every day, he should learn very good all his lessons, also he should have all things that it are nessecary. He should be hard-working, dutiful. A student shouldn’t be aggressive. A pupil shouldn’t forget to consider it his duties. he is goig to school because he must prepare for his future. And I think, the main thing about ideal teathers and pupils is that they must get on with aech others.