How to protect people from certain types of crimes

Different types of crimes are committed everyday. So what should we know about it to protect ourselves. 1. One of today’s most common crimes is mugging. First, I must say that people who behave a victim you probably won’t be one. Carrying a personal alarm or attending self-defense classes would be a great idea too. 2. Less common, but still very important crime is kidnapping. It’s mostly committed on the children in order to get the ransom from their parents. To prevent beeing kidnapped we must teach our children not to talk to strangers. And if they find themselves being approached they should go to the nearest safe place. If you are rich and you can afford to hire a guard that would probably solve the problem. 3. Car theft is a big problem in our country. That’s why most of people fit an alarm-system in their vehicle. Making sure your car is securely locked or parking it in an attendant car park woould be a right solution. 4. One more major crime is burglary. There’re some things you should know, which may help to prevent your home from this crime. First don’t let people know you live wealthy. Don’t tell strangers that you ha

ave any valuable things. Don’t have windows or doors open that others may see you inside home. When your going away, don’t let them know that your home is empty- leave a radio or the lights turned on. Consider a good door-lock or even security system.

You can never be sure that the crime won’t be committed on you, but you should notice that.

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