My flat (mano butas)

I live in Stoties street number eleven . my flat is on the second floor.

Our flat consists of three rooms, a kitchen, a hall a bathroom and a

toilet. We have all conveniences in our flat – control heating, cold

and hot running water, gas. The biggest room is a sitting room. There

a two windows and therefore it is very light. There are daily and

blind curtains on the windows. On one side of the room there is a big

table with six ch hairs round in and there is a wall stand for books and

dishes. On the other side there is a little table, a sofa, two armchairs

a TV set, where our family rests after work. There are a lot of pictures

on the walls and many flowers. In the bedroom we have two beds a

wardrobe, a mirror, two chairs. The third room is my room, where I

have a sofa, a desk with computer on it, a bookshelf, a CD player,

two chairs. In the ki itchen we have a cupboard, a table with four chairs,

refrigerator, a gas stove. In the bathroom there is a bath, a washing

machine. We also have a balcony and a cellar.

I live in apartment house. This house is in _____ street. I

have an apartment in a nine-story building I live on the second floor. The livers keep house in order. There are many trees near my house. My house was built in 1991. The number of my flat is 17. I live in the two rooms flat. The area of my flat is about 60 square meters. There is a balcony in my flat. I have a fine view from the balcony and windows. I have two bed-sitting rooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a corridor and kitchen. There are bookcases, wardrobes, beds, tables in the bed-sitting rooms. My walls are papered. On the floor there are carpets. I have all amenities hot and cold water, gas, electric light, central heating, lift. In the ki itchen there is gas cooker. There are gas meter, electric meter and water meter. I would like to have a detached house in some solitary place, far away from the town’s noise, smoke and polluted air. Sure it’ll be a two-stored house with a big yard and garden.

The house of my dream

Hi my name is Tolya!

I would like the huge lock where many rooms, on a coast of the sea. It should be very huge. In it will be pool, so

olarium. There will be one main room. In this house all will be best. My room will is on the top. Sittin-room below. In my house there will be very many colours and different ornaments. There is a winter garden in which will to grow not only plant, but also the exotic animals, fish will live.

9. What will be there in my new flat.

Every young man wants to live independently. And I’m not an exception. Of course, the time will come, when I will alone in my flat. I wait for this moment and imagine, that my new flat will be at least three roomed. There will be a study, a bed-room, a dinning-room. Of course, there also will be a kitchen and a bathroom. The dinning- room will be big comfortable room with big table in the center. There also will be several armchairs, and a big TV set in it. In this room I shall receive guests. I also shall put a piano in the one of corners of the room and shall start taking piano lessons cause I like this musical instrument very much.

The bed-room will become my favorite one because it is a room of rest where ev

verybody can spend several hours without noise and fuss. There I shall put my PC that helps me very much.

Another room – study will be the place where I shall do all my work. There will be a large table full of papers and several shelves. I am going to gather big collection of books, so they won’t stay empty.

That’s how I imagine my future flat. I hope that these dreams will become true.

14.My district and my flat.

As you know, Vladivostok, the capital of the Primorsky region, occupies the peninsula of Murav’ev-Amursky which is washed by Amur and Ussuri gulfs. One part of this peninsula, called Egersheld (it was named after one of the explores of Russian Far-East), is my native district. Egersheld is known from the foundation of Vladivostok. More then one hundred years ago the first houses for the seamen appeared in it. Since that time Egersheld is known as the working center of the city. Now, for example, the territory of the commercial port is situated in this district. Egersheld is the most environmental friendly district in the city as it is open to strong sea winds which blow out all harmful substances in the air and clouds of

f dust. Of course, this has a negative side – the average temperature in the district in winter is lower than in the other parts of Vladivostok. As my native district occupies very special geographical position (in fact, Egersheld – is a small peninsula of Murav’ev-Amursky peninsula) so its citizens may admire beautiful sea scenes every evening when the sun is hiding for the horizon. These seascapes are really breathtaking and very often you may see dozens of artists trying to carry this wonderful sight to paper or canvas.

Now about my flat. I live in Sipyagina, 31. Our flat is not very large, its double-roomed. If you know the word «khrushovka», you may imagine what is our flat looks like. Besides these two rooms we also have a kitchen and a bathroom. I think there is no any outstanding thing in our flat that is worth describing. We have a TV set in one of the rooms, two wardrobes, two working tables, and small bookcase where our home library is kept.

Home. The place where you live in is very important because if you have a comfortable flat or a house to your taste you can relax there & forget about your troubles, sitting in a worm cosy armchair with a cup of tea or coffee. Some people have a house others have apartments. I would like to live in a house. There’re 2 ways of having the dwelling: to buy an apartment or to build an individual house. I think I’ll have enough money to build my own house. There will be the door on the west side it can be half glass. & there will be a path from the gate to the front door. On the west side of the house there‘ll be the garage. What about the exterior of the house there will be yellow bricks for the wall & red tiles for the roof. Now I’d like to discuss the interior design. On the downstairs on the side facing the road there’ll be the hall & kitchen. The living room & dining room will be on the side facing the garden. I agree to combine living room & dining room. The devision can be made by built-in book shelves on the living room side & cupboards & more shelves on the dining room side. I like built-in furniture. It saves space & is cheaper. Ofcourse, on the there will be a cloak- room with wash -basin in it & a lavatory. What about the upstairs there will be 3 large bedrooms. Each of them will have a large closet so there is no need for sHouse and Home

House. The house where I live with my parents just now was a wooden one in my childhood. Now it is a brick house with a good view to the park nearby. The yard is fenced. When you open the gates, the path leads guests to the well. It is almost in the middle of the yard. When you stand facing the house door, there is a garage to the left with a kennel beside. To the right there is a little orchard with a few fruit trees and a green lawn with some flowers.

Now I will describe my house. The roof is red with one chimney on. There are nine windows and two doors there. We often air the rooms as my mother likes a pleasant scent of the air. It makes no difference whether it is summer or winter. The house is not large, but well-planned. There are two rooms upstairs where my sister and I live. The ground floor consists of three rooms. We have a small kitchen and a bathroom. The living room faces the west. My parents’ bedroom is painted light green. Our father keeps the main order in the house. All modern conveniences such as waterline, electricity, gas, telephone ant central heating are in the house.

Our house is not large, but it is comfortable and well-planned. It is a small two-storeyed detached house. In front of the house there is a green lawn and a lot of flowers. Behind it there is a little orchard with a few fruit trees in it. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a pantry, a dining-room, a cosy sitting-room and my father’s study. There are several rooms upstairs on the first floor: my parents’ bedroom..the furniture is modern and quite new. But my father says he has to pay a lot of money for the house, heating, gas and electricity.

Flat. My flat is in a four-storeyed building on the second floor. We have three rooms. The hall is not big, but cosy. The short corridor leads to the living room which is the biggest one in the flat. You can find a rectangular table with two armchairs around on the red carpet there. The TV set and a video tape recorder stand in the corner. Usually our family has a rest there.

The curtains of the bedroom are yellow witch match quite well with the light brown walls. Two pillows are on the double my parents’ bed. I share the study with my brother. The computer stands on the table. As we love good music, my brother and I listen to it very often. The kitchen is the place where my mother prepares meals for all the family. Sometimes I cook dinner myself. The white gas stove is at the wall quite opposite the fridge which stands in the corner. You can see a snow-white tablecloth on the table and four stools under it.

Our bathroom is the most favorite place early in the mornings. The sink with two taps for cold and hot running water is near the bath. There are several shelves for toilet articles and a towel rack on the wall. We keep our vacuum cleaner and a big washing machine just there.

Our flat has a nice view from the balcony. In conclusion, my wish to reach my home as soon as possible every day is really great.

eparate wardrobes. There will be the bathroom & the W.C. next to it. I don’t want standard lamps so I’ve arranged for indirect

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